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2012 г.

In 2012, our brewers participated in the contest "Beer  Fest" again! And this time with even more confident success they proved their high professionalism and love to this wonderful drink!



In the competition we presented 8 sorts of beer and all of them got high praise of the jury!


Awards "Beer  Fest 2012":

Beer "Pivarium Coffee" - the Grand Prix (CUP);

Beer "Pivarium Caramel" - gold medal;

Beer "Pivarium Honey" - gold medal;

Beer "Pivarium Wheaten " - gold medal;

Beer "Pivarium Wheaten Gold" - gold medal;

Beer "Pivarium Summer" - gold medal;

Beer "Pivarium Premium" - gold medal;

Beer "Pivarium Rice" - silver medal.

To drink or not to drink - it's a difficult question, and what to drink - here I hope there will be less trouble! In this question, our team will help you with great pleasure!

Thank you for your trust, for  your good mood and for the fact, that you choose a beer, brewed in the brewery "Pivarium"!


2011 г.

At the international competition beer “Pivarium” received medals!!! 

Six sorts of beer "Pivarium" took part in the «XIV International competition of beer, soft drinks, low alcohol drinks – “Beer  Fest 2011”. According to the results of the contest, all six sorts were awarded the gold medal "For achievements in the production of high quality products"! In 2011, ALL SIX SORTS were awarded the gold medal!



In Kiev, there was a big event for all brewers in Ukraine – took part «XIV International contest of beer, soft drinks, low alcohol drinks, mineral and drinking water." Representatives of many famous brands, the giants of domestic brewery, attended the competition: "Obolon", "Slavutich" and many others.  Mini breweries also took part. 

Jury of the competition were well-known technology experts from the Czech Republic, Russia, Belarus and Ukraine, and the brand of beer was anonymously examined for compliance with the modern quality standards.  There were tastings and thorough check on viscosity, foaming, chemical content and other quality parameters.

Brewery "Pivarium" presented to the contest 6 sorts of beer:







According to the results of the contest, all six sorts were awarded a gold medal "For achievements in the production of high quality products"! Other manufacturers received high awards, besides "Pivarium", but none of the brewery received much "gold" immediately.

After determining the winners there was a solemn award ceremony, where the brewers were entertained by exclusively Ukrainian authentic music and dancing. That again underlines - how much tradition and consistency of knowledge of time are important in the production of beer. Colleagues and members of the jury congratulated our brewers, wholeheartedly and deservedly! Because achievements in brewing - it is always the knowledge, passed through the heart.

2009 г.

Beer "PIVARIUM" showed excellent results, being the leaders among brands of beer produced in the restaurants - breweries. This is proven by six (!) medals obtained at the challenge:

Pivarium "Coffee" Gold

Pivarium “Rice” Silver

Pivarium "Caramel" Silver

Pivarium "Premium" Silver

Pivarium "Honey" Silver

Pivarium "Wheaten" Bronze


In brewing, as in professional sport, competitions  take place too, and winners receive medals for their achievements. So, on September 9, 2009, took place the awarding of participants of the XII International competition of beer and soft drinks. The best beer producers fought for the first place, the competition brought together representatives from more than 30 soft drinks production companies, among which were the leading beer brands, and private breweries. The solemn event took place in the territory of the NVC "Expocenter of Ukraine".109 samples of products had been submitted to the competition, among them - 66 beer samples. As part of the international jury there were experts of brewing from Germany, Russia, Belarus and Ukrainian specialists. According to the results of jury work winners were named - winners of gold, silver and bronze medals.

What stands behind such high quality and unique taste of beer "Pivarium"? This is the result of using only modern technology and the highest quality of raw materials. We also should not  forget about the titled brewers, who put all their soul into this divine drink! You can evaluate all the advantages of beer "Pivarium" in a pleasant atmosphere of the restaurant with live music, enjoying the delicious dishes  of European cuisine. What we recommend you to do in the near future!

Stay close to the leader!

Drink the best beer.

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